Diese Lieder befinden sich zur Zeit auf meinem MP3-Player...

01. Rihanna "Umbrella"

02. Linkin Park "Papercut"

03. Fergie "Clumsy"

04. Linkin Park "Given Up"

05. Rihanna "Push Up on Me"

06. The Offspring "Have you Ever"

07. Linkin Park "One Step closer"

08. Linkin Park "Leave out all the Rest"

09. Rihanna "Don't stop the music"

10. The Offspring "Staring at the sun"

11. Linkin Park "With you"

12. Linkin Park "Bleed it out"

13. Rihanna "Breakin' Dishes"

14. The Offspring "Pretty Fly"

15. Linkin Park "Shadow of the day"

16. The Offspring "The kids aren't alright"

17. Rihanna "Hate that I love you"

18. Linkin Park "Runaway"

19. Linkin Park "By myself"

20. Linkin Park "No more sorrow"

21. The Offspring "Walla Walla"

22. Rihanna "Lemme get that"

23. Linkin Park "Valentine's Day"

24. Linkin Park "A place for my head"

25. Linkin Park "In Between"

26. Linkin Park "Forgotten"

27. Linkin Park "In Pieces"

28. The Offspring "Why don't you get a job?"

29. Rihanna "Good girl gone bad"

30. Boomfunk MC's "Freestyler"

31. Bushido "Kein Ausweg"

32. Chris Decay "Shining"

33. Fergie "Big girls don't cry"

34. Guano Apes "Open your eyes"

35. Guano Apes "Loards of the boards"

36. The Offspring "Self Esteem"

37. Three Days Grace "Take me under"

38. Timbaland "The way I are"

39. Bushido "Augenblick"


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